The Festival returns to  West Zwick's Park, Thursday July 8th to Sunday July 11th 2021


The Belleville Waterfront & Multicultural Festival has been a 42-year tradition, bringing people together through food and celebrating the different cultures that make our community so vibrant. Since we couldn't have the Festival at Zwick’s Park – we went back to the early traditions of this event with the Passport.

Believe us when we say that we missed having the Waterfront & Multicultural Festival in Zwick’s Park more than anyone and we hope to be back there next year. That being said, we want to extend a huge thank you for everyone who supported us pivoting to Curbside Culture.

Thank you to our participating restaurants and vendors, as well as everyone who enjoyed some delicious take-out food over the weekend. Another reminder that many of the restaurants are actually open for business throughout the year, so we hope that you will continue supporting them!

We've already had many people dropping off their passports at the Chamber of Commerce in the Log Cabin. If you haven’t yet, you have until we close at 6 pm Friday, July 17! We will draw names for prizes the following week.